50 years ago

A "new and revised handbook for the instruction and information of all Sunday School executives and teachers" was ready for distribution throughout the Church, according to the Feb. 24, 1945, issue of the Church News.

New sections in the handbook included chapters on enlistment work, music, libraries, Junior Sunday School and teacher training.

In the chapter dealing with Sunday School music, the objective of music was declared to be to "beautify, dignify and glorify the hour of worship with music appropriate and appealing."

Urging the organization and maintenance of a library in every Sunday School, the handbook included suggestions on what each library should include, the gathering of materials and methods of encouraging greater use of the library.

Plans for teacher training on both the stake and ward levels also were included in the handbook.

Quote from the past

"If we would have our households serve the Lord, we must maintain homes of faith and righteousness, putting obedience and service to God foremost." - Belle S. Spafford, former Relief Society general president, Women in Today's World, p. 10.