Recently, Assistant Attorney General Jerry Jensen took it upon himself to aid the state in averting a lawsuit over Utah's position of not using Medicaid funds for abortions. In a letter to New York abortion lawyers it was stated that abortions would be provided by monies from a "private" fund for those women who were poor and victims of rape or incest.

When I read this, it was evident that Utah's attorney general's office was acting on its own. My suspicion was confirmed when I read in the paper that Gov. Leavitt had "called Jensen on the carpet two weeks ago for writing this letter."I certainly hope Jensen got a few carpet burns in the process.

Now, to prove even further that all the horses aren't pulling the same direction, Leavitt said he has learned there already is a fund (The Crime Victims Reparation Fund, a state administered account) which has paid for eight abortions in eight years. And now the governor's spokeswoman tells the press that "the governor is comfortable with those monies being used for that purpose."

Come on, Leavitt. What's going on here? Our legislators pass a law to protect the unborn of Utah and then the state is there with money in hand for the purpose of funding abortions. Let's get tough and stand up for the laws of our state. I certainly do not want any of my tax money or anyone working for the state referring or even helping women obtain abortions.

Hats off to Rep. Robert Killpack on his effort to clarify the state's current abortion law by introducing two bills in the House. The 24-hour waiting period accompanied by counseling sessions is a very good idea. When a single woman or a married couple is fated with an unplanned pregnancy they may look at an abortion as an easy solution to a rather complex situation. By being properly counseled and having 24 hours to think about it, they may realize the fact that is they are killing their child as a solution to their problem

Unfortunately, all too often, women are not given the entire picture. Allowing women to view a scripted videotape message that would clearly describe the child that is in their womb, the options available - each in detail, as well as the risks involved with each one, is clearly aimed at helping women get all the information they need when faced with this decision.

We have a law in our state, and hopefully before this legislative session is over there will be two more on the books which will clarify and support it. Support . . . now there's an idea for the Utah attorney general's office. Support and defend the laws of Utah!

Lori DeGroot

Pleasant Grove