Gunfire brought a tragic end to a Salt Lake neighborhood barbecue.

Ricky Vallejo, 22, Salt Lake City, is in critical condition after being shot once in the back by suspected gang members.Vallejo was standing in the yard of a neighbor's house, 300 N. 800 West, about 8:20 p.m. when someone fired 15 to 20 rounds at the house from across the street, said Salt Lake police Lt. Carroll Mays.

A neighbor said a group of people shot at the house, which sits on the corner of the street, and then ran behind the school, where they fired several more rounds.

Mays said police are looking for four or five suspected gang members in connection with the shooting. No arrests had been made as of Monday morning.

"When we heard the shots, we hit the ground," said another neighbor, who asked not to be identified. "You learn real quick, especially in this neighborhood, when you hear shots you get down. We stayed there until everything was quiet."

She said she was surprised to learn Vallejo had been shot.

"He's a real sweet person," she said. "He's always helping everyone. He's always very nice and very quiet."

She said he has about nine siblings and they were at the neighbor's barbecue all day. When she arrived at the yard, he was lying on the grass saying he couldn't feel his feet.

"It always seems to be the person who's good who gets shot," she said. "They just don't care who they shoot."

Police call the shooting gang-related, but neighbors say they don't think Vallejo is a gang member.

Mays said several people in the yard at the time of the shooting admitted being members of a gang. The shooter shot from so far away that police aren't sure of the target.

"They were probably shooting into the crowd more than targeting one person," Mays said, adding that there have been a number of problems in that area recently.

One man said someone shot at his house on Saturday, but no one was injured and no one has been arrested. Vallejo was taken by ambulance to LDS Hospital where he underwent surgery. The bullet passed through his body.

Neighbors were upset by the incident, complaining to police about recent problems.