Gary Feldman couldn't believe his good fortune Saturday, nearly a month after his business burned to the ground.

Dan Franks paid $180 for a 1,000-pound hog he didn't need, just to help out Feldman and his family. And Drew Lish shelled out $725 for a football autographed by San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young.The two buyers were among area residents who raised about $10,000 at an auction Saturday. The proceeds will go to owners of businesses destroyed in a downtown Tremonton fire last month.

Lish said he's a big 49ers fan but an even bigger fan of the Feldman family. "It's the best way we know how to help them," Lish said.

The Feldman family owned a variety store and copy shop in the Midland Hotel, a historic building destroyed in late January. The fire caused about $500,000 damage.

The fire was the second tragedy for the family that month. Feldman's brother was killed in a robbery attempt in Los Angeles just weeks before the fire.

Three neighboring businesses were scorched in the blaze, which started in the basement of the old hotel. No one was injured.

The Feldmans started their shop 15 years ago, and just about everyone from the Bear River Valley had traded there over the years, said auction organizer Deloris Stokes.

Area residents donated items for the auction, including used pickup trucks, llamas, paintings, photos, coats, jackets, blankets, rugs, plates, furniture and even a weather vane.

Stokes said he was stunned by the turnout for the auction.

"I can't believe how the people opened up their hearts," Stokes said.

Junior Lish, Drew Lish's father, said the auction was a typical reaction. "This place is all made up of hay seed farmers, but it's surprising what they can do to support one another," Lish said.

Feldman, a member of the school board, was shaken by all the attention.

"We live in the smallest house in Garland. How can two simple people like us make such a stir in this valley?" Feldman asked. "It's humbling for us. We'd rather be giving than receiving."

Feldman said he considered looking for work as a school bus driver but now may find a new place to reopen his business.

"How can we repay the people in the valley for all of this?"