Micron Semiconductor Inc. officials say they're not using a dozen U.S. cities, including Payson, as bait to attract the real target - Boise.

The company, which manufactures computer chips, is currently looking at 13 sites throughout the United States to house its $1.3 billion manufacturing expansion. Cities that are still under consideration for the expansion include Payson, a southern Utah County city that badly wants industry, as well as Boise, where the company currently carries on its operations.Three officials from Micron's site selection team - Kipp Bedard, the company's vice president of investor relations; Steve Stout, plant operations manager; and Barney Jurica, special projects director - and Payson Economic Director Paul Blanchard were on hand during the Wednesday City Council meeting to answer residents' questions about the company, as well as Payson's bid to woo the company.

Micron officials have reportedly been upset because Boise has not been as willing to work with the company on incentive packages.