A House resolution and a Senate bill are aimed at designating a "minute of silence" for students and teachers in public schools each morning.

HJR6, sponsored by Rep. Met Johnson, R-New Harmony, would urge Congress to amend the Constitution to allow states to provide a "voluntary moment of silence or meditation at the beginning of each school day."SB140, sponsored by Sen. Howard Stephenson, R-Draper, would require school districts in Utah to adopt policies for the observance of "a minute of silence at the opening of each school day in all grades" to give students and teachers time for "personal thoughts or meditation in order for teachers and students to prepare themselves for the activities of the day."

Both proposals have drawn fire from the Society of Separationists, which has labeled the measures as prayer amendments. "The intent is to get prayer out there," said Chris Allen, Utah representative for the society.

Allen expects both measures will pass. And if they do, "We'll keep an eye on teachers. When they step over the bounds and start encouraging students to participate in prayer, then we'll have to take the school districts to court."