One of Harold Lloyd's most hilarious silent classics, "The Kid Brother," will be shown as part of the Organ Loft's winter season Thursday and Friday, Feb. 9-10.

The bespectacled Lloyd, whose screen character was always a hapless everyman, shaped the 1927 feature "The Kid Brother" as a kind of "Cinderella" story, about a frail young man whose hearty father is the town sheriff. In the film, Lloyd falls in love with a carnival girl (the enchanting Jobyna Ralston) and eventually finds favor in his father's eyes by foiling a robbery and saving the day.Long considered one of Lloyd's funniest films, several modern critics have dubbed it the pinnacle of his career, his "masterpiece."

"The Kid Brother" will be shown with live organ accompaniment by Blaine Gale on the mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Organ. The Organ Loft is located at 3331 S. Edison St. (east of State Street, just south of 3300 South.)

Tickets are available at the door, or you may phone 485-9265 for reservations. Admission is $5.

In March, the Organ Loft will present Buster Keaton in "The Battling Butler," and in April, Charlie Chaplin's "The Pilgrim," along with the short "The Adventurer."