Does lightning strike twice? And can Pete Peterson of WordPerfect fame strike it rich again? He thinks so.

He says he has another product the world is waiting for, much like the word processing software that launched WordPerfect's success.He developed it after a futile search for a fitness program that would help him get his own life and health in order. Everything he found was too focused on one aspect of personal health or too steeped in the particular author's philosophy.

"It only took an investment of $750,000 on Pete's part to come up with a program that works that people can get from us for $49," said Clive Winn, a partner with Peterson in their new company, Fitnesoft Inc.

"Life Form" is the ideal weight watcher, health diary and fitness counselor, they say. It is completely nonjudgmental at the same time that it is completely straightforward and honest.

"Just the facts, ma'am," may be an accurate description. Life Form doesn't prescribe or advise.

"It won't talk back to you," said Peterson. "But it has and will store all the information you need to make an evaluation."

"We think it defines a new category in the industry, total health management," said Winn.

It's also one of a select eight products chosen to premier at David Coursey and Stewart Allsop's Demo '95 show in Palm Springs Monday. Coursey publishes PC Letter, and with Allsop chooses the best 60-80 products from a field of almost 400 each year. Out of those 60, the premiere products are picked as those most likely to make a major difference in the consumer market.

Winn and Peterson aren't really as surprised as pleased at the attention.

"We feel we've created a really good product, something people can and will use," said Winn.

Getting into Life Form, which is designed to run on Windows 3.0 or higher from a floppy disk, is much like opening a file drawer.

All of the programs are set up behind tabs that are simple to find and understand, like the headers on a series of manila folders. Under one is a running record of the foods consumed during a day, a week, a month, even for years. Under another is an exercise folio.

There's a place for medical history and a record of visits to the doctor, the hospital, the dentist. There's another tab for measurements and chemistry information.

"This can provide an easy answer to filling out the health forms every year for a child in school," said Winn. "Just call it up and print it out. It's all here."

A user can keep detailed records of his or her exercise regimen, plot in a record of how the days have been going and what kind of sleep he's been getting.

A charts program automatically plots out easy-to-read graphics that then relate those factors. A reports program can provide a written record on demand.

Whatever is wanted can be custom-built in Life Form or built from the data base already included - such as the 10,000 foods and major fast food restaurant menus that already have the fat, carbohydrate, sodium contents, etc. broken out into percentages.

People with medical conditions like diabetes or heart trouble can easily track their diet, exercise and medication habits on Life Form.

And the information can be kept strictly confidential. A password can protect whatever anyone would prefer to stay personal.

And everyone in a household can have a file at no added cost.

"We've made a real effort not to include any kind of conscience. There's not a little pop-up figure to tell you your cholesterol's too high or that's too many calories," said Peterson. "This is more like a diary. There's no judgment."

Which is good, say Peterson and Winn, because people will feel freer to be honest with the program and realistically see where they are in terms of personal health and fitness.

Life Form fits its time, said Winn, with interest in health and fitness at an all-time national high, food labeling laws in effect so information is readily available and society at a point where people are more comfortable with computers than ever before. Computers are more affordable as is software like Life Form.

Production copies of Life Form will be available in April or May, said Winn.

"We're excited about this. We think the public is hungry for this," said Peterson. "And there's just nothing else like it around."