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STILL HOLDING: Separatists said Tuesday they were still holding parts of the Chechen capital of Grozny, despite Moscow's claim that Russian troops had broken resistance in the city. Moscow has often predicted or announced decisive victories for Russian forces since starting the war to rein in the breakaway region almost two months ago. Russian heavy artillery and Grad rocket launchers continued to pound the southern and southwestern sections of Grozny, where Chechen rebels were still resisting the Russian attack, a Chechen military spokesman told the Interfax news agency.EIFFEL REVAMP: Painters in Paris, guarded by mountain climbers, gave the Eiffel Tower its first brushstrokes Tuesday in a seven-yearly revamp. Strapped into harnesses and suspended to cables under the watchful eyes of the mountaineers, the painters will take 14 months to restore the 1,049-foot high Paris landmark erected as part of the International Exhibition of 1889. "It's a pretty acrobatic and vertiginous operation. It's all going to be done by hand, which isn't easy given that the tower is exposed to wind and rain," said Christian Marestier, head of the company that runs the monument.

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EXECUTED: A killer bid a tearful farewell to his mother before being executed by injection early Tuesday for the abduction and murder of a woman. "I love you, Mom, goodbye," Jeffrey Motley said. Tears welled up in his eyes and he repeated, "Goodbye, Mom." Motley, 29, was the fifth killer executed in Texas this year and the 90th since Texas resumed using the death penalty in 1982. Both totals are the highest in the nation.

TREATMENT: The Archdiocese of Washington has ordered four Catholic priests out of their parishes and into treatment after they admitted to sexually abusing the same altar boy some 20 years ago. The four will undergo six to nine months of inpatient treatment at separate facilities, a spokeswoman for the archdiocese said Monday. The priests were asked for their resignations on Jan. 20. But parishioners in the five local churches where the priests had served didn't learn of the news until this weekend when, after the distribution of communion at Sunday Mass, priests read a letter from Cardinal James Hickey saying the priests had admitted sexual contact with the boy, who is now 34.