The recent discovery of two rare plant species in the Fishlake National Forest has prompted officials to consider revamping a grazing allotment plan.

Forest personnel are also considering allowing expansion of a mining area, renewal of two use permits, one involving the Boy Scouts, and the other a tour guide operation, and have authorized a 150,000-board-feet timber sale.Public input is being sought on the grazing allotment plan, the mining area and the permits. The timber sale is subject to appeal.

Rob Hamilton of the Loa Ranger District reported the grazing revision is necessary because of the Arizona Willow and Southwest Willow Flycatcher found on the Seven Mile Cattle Allotment. Degradation of riparian areas is also of concern.

The allotment is north of the Fishlake Recreation Area.

A grazing plan was developed in 1986 in conjunction with an environmental assessment, coordinating grazing on Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service administered land, Hamilton said.

Hamilton noted. Comments should be directed to Hamilton by Feb. 24, mailed to the Loa Ranger District Office, P. 0. Box 129, Loa, UT 84747.

Three alternatives have been under consideration by Fishlake National Forest personnel regarding expansion of activities at the Ash Grove Cement Mine on the Fillmore Ranger District. It is located 23 miles southwest of Nephi.

Forest Supervisor Tobias Martinez favors an alternative that would allow expansion of the mining area by 271 acres. Activities would include expanding an existing overburden waste disposal area and adding a new area.

Comments may be addressed to Martinez at the supervisors office of the Fishlake National Forest, 115 E. 900 North., Richfield, UT 84701. Call 896-9233 for more information.

Public lands related to the permit renewals are on the Beaver Ranger District.

District Ranger Ben Black reported he is considering reissuing a permit to the Utah National Park Council of the Boy Scouts of America. The camps are used in conjunction with a high adventure base in the Tushar Mountains.

Black said activities would occur from June through August each year and the permit would be issued for five years. The BSA has had use of the land since 1979.

The other use permit involves Kern River Tours Inc. It authorizes guided tours on all designated roads and trails that comprise the Paiute ATV Trail on the forest.

The ranger invited response regarding either or both permits by Feb. 15, addressed to Steve Winslow at the Beaver District Office, P. 0. Box E, Beaver, UT 84713. Telephone 438-2436.

The timber sale will involve 150,000 board feet to be cut near Jolly Mill Point on the Richfield Ranger District. Appeals must be filed in writing by March 10.