Good legislative intentions for public driving safety may soon include:

1. Lower blood levels to more readily convict drunken drivers.2. Mandatory use of auto safety belts, motorcycle helmets and eye goggles.

3. Prohibition of smoking or telephoning while driving.

4. Mandatory auto installation of air bags, neck braces and emission control devices.

5. Increased student driving schooling and auto insurance coverage.

6. Mechanical robots legislated to readily apprehend speeding drivers.

7. Legislative study resolution to determine the hazard of drowsy drivers and ways to keep them alert.

8. Regulation of sedative drugs, taken prior to driving, including label warnings to restrict unsupervised family use of household drugs.

9. Determination of proper disposal for an array of potent drugs left after the death of terminally ill patients.

With these and other good-intentioned endeavors, it may be well to consider that societies have freedom by law, but too much law destroys freedom and reaps a nation of law breakers. Laws, like people, need to be balanced. (A person might just as well fall flat on his face as to lean over too far backward.)

It may be timely to transpose a thoughtful Christian hymn titled, "Count Your Blessings," to "Count your many `regulations,' name them one by one, and it will surprise you what your `government' has done."

John E. "Jack" Smith