Dear Do-It Man: Can you tell me how I can get an address for Frances Ruffelle, the actress who played Eponine in the stage production of "Les Miserables"? She was an inspiration to me and I wanted to write to her.

- S.P., Salt Lake City.Dear S.P.: We called Actors' Equity in New York City, which is the stage actors union.

Frances Ruffelle is no longer a member so Actors' Equity no longer lists a contact address or phone number for her. Sorry.

Tube socks for men

Dear Do-It Man: My son is looking for tube socks that are made out of a stretchy, terry clothlike material. He used to buy the socks through Sears catalog but the catalog was discontinued.

Can you suggest where he might purchase them? Navy blue, brown, black, dark brown. Any of those colors would be fine.

--J., Salt Lake City

Dear J.: So far, we've run into nothing but dead ends. A Sears sock buyer, who said his office gets phone calls virtually every week from people who are looking for items that were featured in catalog, suggested we call a sock manufacturing company on the East Coast.

We did, but no luck. After speaking to a zillion different departments there, all we came up with was that the company might have made socks that fit that description but if it did, it doesn't any more.

If any of our readers can steer us in the right direction, please give us a call at 237-2170, and we'll keep trying.

Traveler smarts

EMMAUS, Pa. (AP) - Travelers --whether on vacation or a business trip-- make easy targets for criminals if they fail to follow some common sense rules.

For example, criminals look for victims who are confused, flustered, angry or distracted, according to Men's Health magazine, which advises: "stay focused, be aware of your surroundings and walk with confidence."

Other tips that may help protect you include:

-Study the area before you arrive. Find out what areas to avoid after dark.

-Driving a rental car has become a high risk. "Remove all visible rental forms and stickers from the vehicle."

-Individuals are most vulnerable getting in and out of their cars. "Whether searching for keys, or juggling papers, your mind tends to be in two places at once."