Police are reportedly planning a chemistry experiment: They want to test whether a doomsday cult's labs and chemicals could have been used to make the deadly nerve gas released in the Tokyo subway attack.

A report Wednesday in the Mainichi newspaper said police would use chemicals recovered at the cult compound at the foot of Mount Fuji.The group Aum Shinri Kyo, or Supreme Truth, has denied involvement in the March 20 subway attack, which killed 10 people and sickened more than 5,000. No arrests have been made.

Police also were said to be investigating the possibility that the cult secretly cremated the bodies of sect members who died and scattered their ashes near the rural compound outside the town of Kami-kuish-iki.

In its afternoon editions, the newspaper Yomiuri said some former followers told police that sect members who were believed close to death had disappeared from the compound.

Another paper, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, said that all but 100 of the 900 believers who had been living at the main compound had slipped away. The missing included about two dozen whom authorities had found weak and ill, apparently from malnutrition.

Police believe the missing cult members might have fled to other sect buildings around Japan, the paper said. Investigators would not comment.

The National Public Security Commission could disband the church under the Anti-subversive Activities Law, a commission official said.

Under the 1952 law, authorities can ban activities of a group or person engaged in violence. It would be the first time for the law, originally aimed at radical political groups, to be used against a religious group.