Q. Who has the most errors in baseball?

A. Career baseball errors are a little bit hard to calculate, since players end up playing several positions. However, there is one candidate most likely to hold this record. His name is Herman Long. He played from 1889 to 1904. Long was an infielder who played shortstop most of the time. Despite his 1,096 errors (!), Long was considered an outstanding fielder. And he never wore a glove!

Q. What is the most dangerous animal in the sea?

A. That depends on if you mean dangerous to humans or dangerous to life in the sea. The killer whale is the top predator in the ocean. It has the ability to hunt and eat anything living in the sea. The stonefish, blue-ringed octopus and sea wasp (a type of jellyfish), however, have a deadly venom that is capable of killing humans. Great white, bull and tiger sharks can be dangerous to both people and other sea life.