President Howard W. Hunter loved being with and serving others - and continually made new friends while strengthening ties with those he already knew.

He was a hard worker. But in the interstices of his rigorous schedule, President Hunter relished small opportunities to interact with people. He tried to make the most of every human encounter, never relegating handshakes, fleeting conversations or quick greetings to meaningless chatter.As was evident to his colleagues, President Hunter knew how to maximize his resources. He gave up music after forming a successful musical group early in life in order to be able to focus on school and marriage, and similarly throughout his life prioritized his activities so that the most important things got done.

That habit was never more important that when he became president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. A typical day in the life of the president comprises a whirlwind of activity - talks to congregations of all sizes, church business affairs, interviews, meetings, travel and counseling.

President Hunter was a private man, but not in the sense of social exclusion. He simply preferred to focus on others rather than himself.