"You mean he jumps on purpose?"

That was a friend's response regarding Carl E. "Star" Nelson, 92, participating as a high jumper in the annual Senior Games here."It is my secret way of letting go," Brother Nelson said. "I outlive my competition." In the past few years, he's won a gold medal in the shot put, discus, long jump and high jump competitions.

Brother Nelson and his wife, Mae, are members of the Bloomington 5th Ward, Bloomington Utah Stake, and are involved in many Church and community activities. Brother Nelson said staying active and fit is essential.

He first retired from Bell Laboratories, then from Xerox, and then from IBM. During his career, he completed a study of retired people. "Those who retired to a rocking chair or just to play golf did it, got it over and then died. You have to keep going and keep your muscles going."

On the other hand, those who had hobbies or Church activities that kept them interested and active were still going strong after 15 years, he said.

He said that keeping the commandments helps keep life happy through all the years. "Don't get angry, don't hold grudges - forgive people and get it over with."