Flamboyant men's jewelry has been for the most part left to rock stars and Liberace imitators, but at the men's wear collections last week several designers, including Donna Karan and Richard Tyler, proposed accessories for the hip everyman.

John Bartlett, whose use of pink crystal brooches and eye patches was perhaps the most pert, showed jewelry to dress up sober suits. Jon Weiser, president of Charivari, said the reaction to the jewelry in the runway show for Artifact, a line produced by Charivari, was so strong that he would try and get it into the Charivari stores by April.The source for much of this jewelry is Showroom Seven, which says it has never had as many requests for men's accessories.

Stan Tucker, vice president and fashion director for men's wear at Saks Fifth Avenue, remarked that there was a growing demand from the younger customer who "has no preconceived associations; he thinks it's just cool."

- Constance C.R. White