Kay L. McIff has been sworn in as a 6th District judge following the appointment by Gov. Mike Leavitt and confirmation by the state Senate.

McKiff was named to succeed Don V. Tibbs, who retired Jan. 1. State law requires a new judge to be confirmed within 60 days after a governor's appointment, but McIff requested a delay to "wrap up" his law practice in Richfield. He took the oath Feb. 24.Tibbs served until that date and will continue to sit on the bench on occasion under "senior judge" status.

Only one judge has filled the 6th District post for many years, even though it is the largest geographical judicial district in the state. Now, however, there are two judges - McIff and David Mower.

Tibbs and Juvenile Judge Louis G. Tervort will occasionally serve on the district bench to relieve the caseload. The district includes the counties of Sanpete, Sevier, Piute, Wayne, Garfield and Kane.

McIff graduated from the University of Utah College of Law in 1967 and began his career as a law clerk with the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. He filled county attorney positions in Piute and Sevier counties and worked for cities and towns in other rural Utah counties.

The new judge has also been a member of the Utah State Board of Regents; chairman of Southern Utah University Board of Trustees; a member of the Utah Division of Indian Affairs; on the governing board of the Sevier Valley Hospital and the Trustees Advisory Council of the Utah Hospital Association; and Sevier County chairman for the American Cancer Crusade and the Republican Party.