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Take some thousand-dollar bills and stack them 4 inches high; that is 1 million dollars. A trillion dollars, stacked this way, would stand 64 miles high! Congress is spending us into the poorhouse to the tune of $5 trillion.

When Congress failed to act on the $40 billion Mexico bailout in January, President Clinton signed an executive order. Congress can vote to overrule this and any other executive order. In addition, as costly as the plan will be for America's taxpayers, it's another step toward the creation of the new world order, an even more sinister attack on the people of this nation.I see nothing good about this bailout. Consider it part of a continuing attack on our own nation's economy being waged by the Clinton administration and congressional leaders from both parties.

The devaluation of the peso is related to NAFTA and the plans for a new world order.

Vernon Baugh