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A 16-year-old Smithfield youth who helped vandalize the old Richmond cheese plant, causing $150,000 damage, has been removed from his home and ordered to pay restitution.

After his sentencing in 1st District Juvenile Court this week, the teen was taken to an observation and assessment program in Ogden.He will be evaluated and participate in individual and group counseling. Youth corrections officials will then recommend where he should live.

On Feb. 22, the youth and a 15-year-old Smithfield boy were arrested after they were found, covered with paint, in the cheese plant. Seventy-five gallons of special theater paint stored in the building had been poured over the walls, floors and contents of the building. Windows were also broken.

First District Juvenile Judge David Sorenson told the youth there is no guarantee he will go home before he is 18.

"I suppose the best hope all of us will have for you is that you will learn from this horrible experience, turn your life around and become a productive member of society," Sorenson said.

On Wednesday, the 16-year-old admitted to six counts of burglary and theft - incidents from December 1994 to February 1995. In return, five additional charges were dropped, including an accusation that he killed and mutilated a dog belonging to the building's care-taker.

Deputy Cache County Attorney Jeff Burbank said the boy has denied any involvement in the dog incident. Cache County deputy sheriffs had referred the youth to juvenile court for the incident after the teen's friend told authorities the boy had bragged about the killing at school.