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Nourish the word of God with faith, diligence and with patience - looking forward to the fruit, Young Women Gen. Pres. Janette C. Hales encouraged listeners during the General Young Women Meeting March 25.

Referring to Alma 32:41-42, Pres. Hales continued, "It is my prayer that . . . when you have planted the seed and nourished it, that `ye shall feast upon this fruit even until ye are filled, that ye hunger not, neither shall ye thirst.' "She related an experience she had after being called as Young Women general president. "I received a letter from a young woman from Nairobi, Kenya, in east Africa. Sylvia, who was 15 at the time, told me her father had been killed in a road accident."

Pres. Hales said Sylvia wrote, "When he died, I felt a part of me had been killed also." Sylvia described her struggles and asked for Pres. Hales' help.

"I felt an urgency in Sylvia's plea for help, but I was thousands of miles away," Pres. Hales said. "Carefully, I wrote a letter, hoping my words of faith would help her regain trust in our Heavenly Father. Then I suggested, `Read the scriptures each day.' "

Sylvia followed the counsel and related in further correspondence the growth in her faith and testimony.

"The scriptures have been given to us to help us find peace and reassurance in times of crisis, to help us find solutions to our everyday challenges, to strengthen us in times of temptation," Pres. Hales said.