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President Boyd K. Packer, acting president of the Council of the Twelve, and Beverly Campbell, Director of International Affairs for the Church in Washington D.C., were recipients of the BYU Management Society's Distinguished Public Service Award.

Lew Cramer, President of the Washington, D.C., Chapter, noted in announcing their awards at the society's dinner that "both have been exemplars in their own spheres of influence as they have served extensively in the public sector and in the Church."Ralph Hardy, chairman of the Washington D.C. Chapter of the BYU Management Society, said: "President Packer is truly a Renaissance man: husband, father of 10 children, grandfather of 51, educator, writer, wood carver of elegant birds, artist, poet, business executive, apostle and the Lord's ambassador to the nations."

Joy Korologos, vice-chair of the society, noted Sister Campbell's service on a variety of national and international boards and foundations including the national Conference of Christians and Jews and the Child Survival Foundations of Madame Sally Mugabe, the late first lady of Zimbabwe.