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The six-month investigation that led to the arrest of five alleged drug dealers nearly exhausted the $60,000 budgeted for the operation by the FBI and a federal Organized Crime Narcotics grant of $18,000.

Logan police Lt. Craig Andrews said the investigation involved undercover police officers, plus paid and unpaid informants. The department rented a house where informants and officers could meet.The men were arrested for investigation of felony counts of possession and distribution of cocaine.

They had not been formally charged by Thursday afternoon.

Police suspect the men were dealers in a drug ring that sells about four pounds of cocaine a month to 40 or so clients. Police continue to gather evidence and said they expect more arrests.

Andrews said officers put in 12- to 14-hour days doing surveillance for the case, staking out homes and businesses and wiring people to overhear conversations.

Police confiscated vehicles, $6,000 cash, eight ounces of cocaine, computers, cellular phones, pagers and about a half-dozen home videos, some containing scenes of people involved in illegal drug use. Logan police Sgt. James Geier said police are still reviewing those tapes.

The investigation would not have been successful without the cooperation of the FBI, probation officials and the Cache County sheriff's office, Geier said.

"When it finally came down, it went like clockwork," Geier said.