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It's SPRING in Utah! (unless there are 15 inches of snow on the ground even as we speak....which isn't uncommon!) Either way, it's time to celebrate the demise of winter . . . and have we got a meal for you . . .

The Art & Soup celebration is back. This year the benefit for Community Nursing Services is on Tuesday, April 18th from 11AM to 2PM in Salt Palace Exhibit Hall #4.

Community Nursing Services, a non-profit United Way agency has been providing home health care to people across the Wasatch Front since 1929. Services are provided for pre-natal and pediatric patients, the chronically ill, handicapped and hospice patients.

Join some of Utah's finest artists in celebration of their work. (Last year over 700 original paintings were on display and for sale.

Culinary artists (chefs extraordinaire) will be be preparing signature soups from their restaurants.

For $6 per person, you can graze through the world o' fine food from Baci Trattoria, Aldo's, Zanavoo, Hungry I, Shenanigans, Judge Cafe, Allie's, Red Lion, Market Street Grill, Quality Pastries, Salt Lake Hilton, Pierre Country Bakery, Kara Chocolates, Dan's Deli, Pantry/JW Steakhouse, City Creek Cafe, Park Cafe, Ebenezer's, Salt Lake Roasting Co. & Cafe, Firenze Cafe, Kristi & Jo's, Cafe Creole, Pepsi, and Utah Food Services.

Stop by and say hello to Aunt Edna, who will be in her cups - judging the soup thing.

To learn more call 461-9500.


This is your lucky day! The mere fact that you are reading this stuff at this very moment could catapult you into instant notoriety:

Ask yourself this burning (and not-so pleasant) question:

If you were going to be executed, what would you want as your last meal?

Drop us a note telling us your wildest dream meal. Send to:


Deseret News Food Editor,

P.O. Box 1257

Salt Lake City, UT 84110.

Oh, the prize you'll win if we print your "last meal."

Remember, your entries must be received by April 25th . . . the, er, deadline.


Dazed and confused about the food you're supposed to be eating (besides caramel corn, sweet tarts, and pixie sticks?)

Here's an easy-to read brochure that will help you wade through the food maze. The Food Marketing Institute says that the booklet will reveal how many popular foods such as pizza and fajitas can help you meet those ever-ominous food group numbers.

To order your free copy of the Personal Guide to Healthful Eating, send a stamped, self-addressed business-sized envelope to:

The Food Guide Pyramid Brochure

P.O. Box 1144

Rockville, MD 20850