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A federal anti-crime grant will allow Farmington to hire a new police officer who'll concentrate on juvenile problems and anti-drug programs. The City Council approved the request made by Police Chief Jeff Jacobson.

The council approved the hiring of Cory Stewart, a former reserve officer now working in Morgan County. He is expected to join the department in June when his obligation in Morgan ends, Jacobson said.The city's application for a $75,000 grant has been approved, the chief said, and the Justice Department has assured him it is not one of the federal grant programs being axed by Congress.

Jacobson estimates the cost of hiring an officer over three years at around $107,000, with the city paying the $32,000 not covered by the federal COPS FAST program.

Stewart will work in the DARE anti-drug and anti-gang program in junior high and elementary schools, work in the Neighborhood Watch program and help start a new mobile neighborhood watch program, Jacobson said.

A certified teacher, he will also teach a vocational law enforcement course at Farmington Junior High.