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Commissioners in three of south-central Utah's rural counties have been pretty much left out of the wilderness squabble as those in other counties get ready to present recommendations at meetings in mid-April.

"Sanpete, Sevier and Piute counties have little or no lands included in the Bureau of Land Management's wilderness proposal," said Carvel Magleby, executive director of the Six-County Organization."Sevier County will host one of the regional meetings on (Friday, April 14), even though the BLM has recommended only one small parcel of land in the county for wilderness," he said. "Sevier County hasn't held a public hearing."

Millard, Wayne and Beaver counties will present their wilderness recommendations to Sen. Orrin Hatch or a representative at the meeting in Richfield. It will begin at 2:30 p.m. in the Sevier County Courthouse.

Juab County, also a member of the Six-County Organization, will offer recommendations at a meeting in Salt Lake City. Commissioners in that county are recom-mend-ing more wilderness acreage than the 66,082 recommended by the BLM, but the 85,447 acres they suggest is less than the 147,763 wanted by environmental groups.

The two other counties in the six-county area, Wayne and Millard, will recommend much less than either the BLM or environmentalists. Wayne commissioners will recommend zero wilderness and Millard will suggest 30,100 acres.

The BLM recommendation in Wayne County is for 176,072 acres while environmental factions have recommended 513,962. The BLM's recommended 102,482 acres in Millard County is more than three times what commission urges. The 327,399 wanted by environmental factions is nearly 11 times more than the county's suggested acreage.