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Mayor Joel Hall cast the deciding vote Tuesday night that put George Compton in the council seat vacated last week by Robert Smith.

Compton was nominated by Councilman Rob Batemen, and the motion was seconded by Councilman Tom Anderson. When balloting took place, Anderson and Batemen voted in favor of Compton, but council members Kent Hansen and Roger Bennett voted against the appointment. Because of the tie Hall had to cast the deciding ballot and voted to appoint Compton as a member of the council.Compton will serve in the position for eight months, after which the position will be filled during the November election. Smith, who served on the council since 1973, resigned for health reasons. However, he asked Hall if he could remain on the Historic Preservation Committee and State Centennial Committee.

Seven residents applied for the open seat, including former council members Barbara Williams and Brad Tibbitts. Also seeking the post were Tom Forest, Ken Walker, Michael Murphy and Willard Heaps.

Compton, 53, ran for a position on the city council in 1993. During his campaign he advocated community spirit and having growth managed by city leaders and not developers. His civic experience includes being District 2 Republican Party chairman, a member of the Board of Adjustments and involvement with the Alpine Days committees and coaching soccer teams.