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Arlen B. Crouch, president and chief operating officer of Franklin Quest Co., has been elected chairman of the board of governors of the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.

He will serve a one-year term beginning July 1 and replace Kenneth Y. Knight, vice chairman of Sinclair Oil, who will complete a three-year term on the board at that time.Other officers elected are Stephen D. Swindle, president of the law firm of Van Cott, Bagley, Cornwall & McCarthy, first vice chairman, and Steven Kohlert, senior vice president, Intermountain Health Care, second vice chairman.

Also serving on the executive committee are Robert R. Dimock, president of Kennecott Utah Copper, vice chairman of the Business Development Council; Richard H. Madsen, president and chief executive officer of ZCMI, vice chairman of the Communications Council; and Mark Stromberg, vice president of US WEST Communications, vice chairman of the Government Relations and International Trade Council.

Also, Wayne A. Provost, regional vice president of FHP Health Care, will continue as vice chairman of the Membership and Marketing Council; and Linda Smernoff-Jensen, vice president of the Financial Resource Center, is vice chairwoman of the Special Projects Council.

Fred S. Ball will continue as chamber president.

It also was announced that Alan Layton, president of Layton Construction Co. since 1979, has been appointed to the chamber's board of governors, replacing Ronald B. Peterson, former vice president and general manager of Hercules Aerospace Co. (now called Alliant Techsystems following a purchase a month ago). Peterson accepted a position with Fluor Corp. and moved out of Utah.

Layton will complete Peterson's term that expires June 30, 1997. He then will be eligible to serve a three-year term of his own.