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The city is acquiescing to a local church that went to court last week for its right to hang a banner over the gateway into town.

Beginning Friday, the Park City Presbyterian Church will be allowed to hang an approximately 100-square-foot standard across Park Avenue ad-vertising the congregation's Easter Sunday services.The city in March refused the church's request for a banner permit, arguing it violated local ordinance that restricted the prominent location to promotion of communitywide events or those that attracted substantial tourism to the resort town.

The church enlisted the legal assistance of the Virginia-based Rutherford Institute, a religious-liberties organization, to challenge the local law.

City Attorney Jodi Hoffman said in a joint press release that the ordinance will be revised "either to eliminate the venue altogether, or to clarify the city's intent to prevent a similar misunderstanding in the future."

"We're excited everybody could accommodate each other," said Matthew Hilton, attorney for the church.