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Shame on the Deseret News, KSL and Dan Jones. The poll results published April 9 on page A1 are propaganda and sophistry of the lowest sort.

To the question, "Do you believe it is necessary to reduce federal programs even if it hurts people in need?" a "yes" answer implies willingness to hurt people in need, while a "no" implies that it's necessary and right for the government to continue to waste the American worker's money. Either answer compromises the respondent's integrity.The fact is it's imperative to our survival as a nation that we reduce or eliminate a multitude of wasteful federal bureaucracies. It's also imperative to our survival as a moral people that we assist those in need to become genuinely self-sufficient.

And, contrary to the twisted picture that currently pervades the media, it is possible to be in favor of a constitutional and fiscally responsible role for the federal government and still care for the sick, the poor and the needy.

Jack Mason

Salt Lake City