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A number of students at Utah State University will have an incentive to take more classes because of a new policy approved by the State Board of Regents.

Instead of paying additional tuition for every credit hour taken, students will be able to take between 12 and 18 credit hours for the same tuition cost. The change takes effect fall quarter 1995."Besides encouraging students to enhance their educations by taking some classes they might not normally take, plateau tuition may influence them to take more than the minimum 15-credit-hour load and thus finish graduation requirements sooner," said USU President George H. Emert.

Blythe Ahlstrom, assistant provost, said students taking a few more credit hours each quarter and completing graduation requirements sooner can save money in the long run, even though the Board of Regents also approved a 6 percent tuition hike for all the state's colleges and universities.

A student now taking 18 hours would pay $646, but beginning fall quarter when the new tuition schedule takes effect, that same 18 hours will cost $537, despite the tuition increase, Ahlstrom explained.

USU was on a plateau tuition schedule until the early 1980s, when the Board of Regents asked all of Utah's schools of higher education to adopt linear tuition (paying for each credit hour).