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Alta View Hospital-

BILLS, Carleen and Matt, West Jordan, boy, April 12.

BLANTON, Judith and Victor, Sandy, girl, April 12.

CREASEY, Roxana and David, Sandy, boy, April 12.

HOLT, Dorene and Golden, Riverton, boy, April 12.

PARISH, Stacey and Ian, Sandy, girl, April 12.

SWENSON, Lana and Chad, Orem, boy, April 12.

WALKER, Jamie and Aden, Salt Lake City, girl, April 12.

Cottonwood Hospital-

MARTIN, Cheryl and WHIPPLE, Joshua, West Valley City, twin girls, April 12.

BLACKHAM, Melissa and Matthew, Salt Lake City, boy, April 12.

CRAGHEAD, Jennifer and Kelly, South Jordan, girl, April 12.

GARCIA, Shanie and Eric, Salt Lake City, boy, April 12.

GRUBLER, Kristin and Ross, Salt Lake City, boy, April 12.

HUTCHISON, Becky and Warren, Salt Lake City, girl, April 12.

MCLEAN, Sharon and David, Salt Lake City, girl, April 12.

NORTON, Jennifer and Norman, Salt Lake City, boy, April 12.

POMRENKE, Kali and Stewart, Rock Springs, Wyo., girl, April 12.

THACKER, Amber and Roy, Salt Lake City, girl, April 7.

THOMSON, Kelly and Karl, Roy, girl, April 12.

FHP Hospital-

BOLTON, Tamera and Bryan, Holladay, boy, April 12.

OGDEN, Stacy and Tracy, Bennion, girl, April 11.

REMUND, Molly and Matthew, West Valley City, boy, April 12.

Home Birth-

CHEZEM, Julia and Tim, West Valley City, boy, April 8.

Lakeview Hospital-

BRYSON, Lisa and Gregory, Centerville, girl, April 10.

COOPER, Leona and James, Bountiful, girl, April 7.

DUNCAN, Cary Lynn and Robert, Bountiful, boy, April 12.

HERMANSEN, Tori and Jeremy, West Bountiful, girl, April 10.

JENSEN, Ada and James, Centerville, boy, April 12.

JENSEN, Sally and Brian, Bountiful, boy, April 11.

MALOY, Ramona and Kenneth, West Bountiful, boy, April 10.

PETERSEN, Jodi and Bryan, Bountiful, twin boys, April 5.

SANBORN, Rebecca and Richard, Bountiful, boy, April 8.

SIMON, Teresa and Ross, Bountiful, girl, April 5.

STABLES, Cindy and Mark, Bountiful, boy, April 11.

LDS Hospital-

BLODGETT, Bridgett and Mark, Salt Lake City, boy, April 12.

FORD, Maria and James, Salt Lake City, boy, April 12.

JEPPSON, Lisa and Jeff, Salt Lake City, girl, March 27.

JORGENSEN, Tammy and Robert, West Jordan, girl, April 12.

LILJENQUIST, Marilyn and John, Salt Lake City, girl, April 12.

MEASLES, Carol and James, Bountiful, boy, April 12.

MORK, Susan and Chris, Hinckley, Millard County, boy, April 12.

MORRISON, Amy, Salt Lake City, boy, April 12.

RODRIGUES, Rosemary and Jonas, Salt Lake City, girl, April 12.

SACCO, Kathleen and David, Salt Lake City, girl, April 12.

SMITH, Diane and Clint, Salt Lake City, girl, April 12.

SMITH, Tamyra and Jerald, Centerville, boy, April 12.

STACEY, Suzanne and Mikel, Bountiful, girl, April 12.

WELCH, Lori and Nathan, Provo, boy, April 12.

WILLIAMS, Kelly and Gregory, Salt Lake City, boy, April 12.

Mountain View Hospital-

AHMU, LoraLee and Mark, Salt Lake City, April 3.

ANDERSON, Kelly J. and Alan, Springville, boy, April 6.

BARNEY, April and Thomas, Payson, girl, April 3.

BRADY, Heidi and David, Nephi, girl, April 3.

COATES, Jodie and Ryan, Aurora, Sevier County, girl, April 6.

CORDNER, LaDawn D. and Paul, Orem, girl, April 5.

DANSIE, Colette and Randall, Payson, girl, April 6.

ELLIOTT, Kori and Kim, Provo, boy, April 3.

HANNIFIN, Kristi and John, Goshen, girl, April 4.

HUSSEY, Karie and Troy, Provo, girl, April 4.

LAKEY, Lorie and Gregory, Provo, boy, April 4.

MOSSEMAN, Wendy and Cody, Payson, boy, Feb. 24.

PRITCHETT, Diana and Kevin, Spanish Fork, boy, April 6.

PROCTOR, Angela and Troy, Spanish Fork, girl, April 2.

SHAW, Jennilyn and Kenneth, Springville, girl, April 4.

SWALLOW, Sara and Glen, Fillmore, girl, April 3.

TIMOTHY, Shelly and Michael, Spanish Fork, girl, April 3.

TURNER, Leticia and John, Spanish Fork, girl, April 6.

WHITEHEAD, Tera and Wade, Provo, girl, April 3.

WOLF, Kristie and Robert, Provo, boy, March 24.

WOOLSEY, Sherraine and Johnny, Payson, girl, April 2.

WRIGHT, Rachel and Reed, Orem, boy, April 6.

St. Mark's Hospital-

CHAVEZ, Kris and Mario, Magna, girl, April 12.

KOYLE, Kari and Justin, Salt Lake City, girl, April 12.

University Hospital-

GREGG, Layne and John, Orem, twins, boy and girl, April 12.

BENSON, Julie and Rick, Heber City, girl, April 13.

CASTRO, Esmeralda and Tomas, Salt Lake City, girl, April 12.

GODOY, Olivia and Nava, Wendover, Nevada, boy, April 13.

HARVEY, April, West Valley City, boy, April 12.

LASATER, Emily, Murray, boy, April 12.

NEUBAUER, Kylean and Gerald, West Valley City, girl, April 13.

TAYLOR, Roxanne and Steven, Salt Lake City, boy, April 12.

TRUJILLO, Lisa, Salt Lake City, girl, April 12.

YATES, Cherilee, West Valley City, girl, April 13.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center-

BRAMHALL, Chieko and Scott, Orem, boy, April 10.

BROOKS, Elena and Matthew, Orem, boy, April 10.

BULKLEY, Natalie and Jason, Orem, boy, April 10.

CARDALL, Angie and Jeff, Orem, boy, April 11.

CHAPPLE, Shirley and James, Provo, girl, April 11.

CHRISTIANSEN, Melynda and Von, Provo, girl, April 9.

CLEMENT, Laura and Mark, Lindon, boy, April 11.

COX, Nancy and Deloy, American Fork, boy, April 9.

GIFOROS, Maria and Pete, Provo, boy, boy, April 10.

GILBERT, Michelle and Kurtis, Orem, girl, April 10.

JACOBSON, Suzanne and Gordon, Orem, girl, April 11.

JENSEN, Cami and Ken, Spanish Fork, girl, April 11.

LYONS, Jennifer and Wade, Provo, boy, April 10.

MEZA, Nizhone and Hugo, Provo, girl, April 11.

MOODY, Denise and Matthew, Orem, girl, April 9.

MORENO, Maricela and Jorge, Provo, girl, April 11.

NIXON, Tamara and Don, Provo, girl, April 11.

SLATER, Jeanne and Douglas, Orem, girl, April 10.

WOOD, Susan and John, Provo, girl, April 10.