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In response to Guy Holms (Forum, April 1): I was appalled and sickened while reading several news articles about President Clinton hosting Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams. Americans are being fooled into thinking their dollars are helping to create peace in Ireland. You should be embarrassed to know your money has bought many illegal weapons, helped build up the IRA and resulted in destruction and the loss of many lives.

Holms said the IRA's stated mission is to join Ireland, by force if necessary, not kill British citizens. So it's OK to maim, just don't kill; it's OK to terrorize, just don't kill. The IRA's favorite tactic is to shoot in the kneecaps and let them live to suffer.To question whether the Founding Fathers were terrorists because they revolted against British rule is no comparison. Were they fighting to remain British? The residents of Northern Ireland are not only proud to be Irish but also proud to be British. They enjoy many benefits as British citizens, not the least of which is a much higher standard of living in the north than in the south. There is trouble in Ireland because the North still wants British rule. Those who don't can go south and smoke their peat.

It is time they came to respect the flag, respect the British monarchy and appreciate what they and their families have been given all these years. And I beg you Americans to keep your sympathy for noble causes and keep your dollars in your pockets and avoid the guilt of helping take innocent lives.

Elizabeth Woods

West Jordan