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I applaud the county commissioners on their reduction of acreages proposed for wilderness. I agree some land must be kept as wilderness, but not 2 million to 6 million acres. I have read about all the polls which have been taken. I do not believe they are a valid statistical sample and therefore may not represent the majorities as stated in the polls.

For years my family and friends have enjoyed riding and racing motorcycles, camping, driving around to see the area, etc., in the desert. With this recreational activity, which is enjoyed by many, support is provided to camping equipment suppliers, motorcycle shops, riding gear suppliers, gas and oil companies, hotels and motels in various small towns, and a variety of other businesses throughout urban and rural Utah.My son and many other children race motorcycles in the desert. This activity provides them with an outlet to channel their energies in a positive direction. In order to race they must maintain their bikes, and my child must earn the privilege of riding by keeping up his grades. This also does not allow them the time to sit in front of a TV for hours. This in itself, I believe, helps keep these children off the streets and out of trouble.

Campers, motorcycle riders and other ORV enthusiasts pay for off-road permits, property taxes on vehicles and campers used for this recreation, all of which puts money into the state budget. If this privilege was removed, due to restrictions on the land, the money put into the state through permits, taxes on campers, trailers, etc., could also be reduced. How much money does the wilderness coalitions put into the state budget? Where do they propose the monies lost, if this happens, should come from? Higher taxes?

David Carman

Salt Lake City