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We are members of the American government class of the Institute for Continued Learning. The institute is a part of the continuing education program of Dixie College.

We are a diverse group of senior citizens. Some are native to this area, some have migrated in and are permanently settled here, while others use this as their winter home. For the past four years we have been studying about our government, both from the theoretical and practical standpoints. In addition, we also frequently watch C-Span. We are diverse in nature, but among the things we have in common are our love of country and a desire that we succeed as a nation.We have had numerous discussions on the directions we wish our government to take. First, we feel there is too much pandering to special interests and if we are going to change our course this must stop. We feel that if we are going to solve our fiscal problems every program must be on the table for discussion. We further feel that the people will accept difficult decisions if they see the solutions are fair to all.

No favoritism can be shown to any faction or group. This means that Utah pork is no better than the pork of any other state and that we must share equally in tightening our belts to provide fiscal stability. We do not exclude programs involving senior citizens (Social Security, Medicare, pensions, etc.) We do insist, however, that every program be fairly considered. We are very willing to share, but we must not be made scapegoats.

Ira Whitlock

and 22 others

St. George