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A second teenager has pleaded guilty to attempted murder in the February drive-by wounding of a Layton teenager.

Antonio Mata, 16, Layton, pleaded guilty to the second-degree felony charge Tuesday in 2nd District Court.The other teen, Robert Carreon, 17, Layton, was sentenced two weeks ago to one to 15 years in prison for his role in the Feb. 3 shooting. He is serving the term concurrently with a zero-to-five-year term for possession of a stolen firearm - the .22-caliber rifle used in the shooting.

Both were charged with attempted murder and possession of a stolen firearm in the incident and both were certified as adults.

Mata pleaded guilty to the attempted murder charge in a plea bargain. Prosecutors dropped a three-year firearm enhancement on the attempted murder charge and will ask that the possession of a stolen gun charge be dropped at Mata's sentencing.

Judge Rodney S. Page set sentencing for May 9.

The two admitted involvement in the incident, during which a 16-year-old Layton youth was shot in the face just before midnight while standing in front of a sandwich shop.

But, according to prosecutors, their roles in the incident are murky. Prosecutor Carvel Har- ward said both at one point admitted shooting the rifle, but Mata now maintains he only drove the vehicle and Carreon did the shooting.

Police cannot determine independently who did the shooting, according to prosecutors.

The victim suffered a gunshot wound to the cheek.