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"Sports Night" is a new sports talk show that premieres on KSL radio (AM-1160) beginning Monday, April 17, from 7-9 p.m.

The program, hosted by Greg Wrubell, will air each weeknight and replaces the "Sportscentral" call-in show.Former "Sportscentral" host Kent Rupe now moves to the morning sports anchor slot on KSL radio and KSL-TV.

"KSL Newsradio 1160 is committed to providing Utah sports fans with the finest sports programming available," Rod Ar-quette, KSL radio operations manager, said. "KSL Newsradio 1160 is Utah's sports station, with `Sports Night,' " CBS Sports, ESPN Sportsradio, Brigham Young University sports and the San Francisco 49ers.

" `Sports Night' will be fast-paced and entertaining, designed to appeal to a broad-based audience. Even the casual sports fan will find `Sports Night' more appealing," Arquette said.

He also said the new program will be more than just scores and sports news.

Wrubell came to KSL in October 1989. He has also been a sports reporter for KSL-TV since last spring.

A member of the BYU football broadcast team for KSL radio with Paul James and Marc Lyons, Wrubell will continue those duties, plus add BYU basketball, as well. This schedule switch will allow Rupe to do more field reporting. Rupe has been at KSL since 1993.

- KLZX (alias "Z-93" FM) - "Jon and Dan" and their TV commercial produced by White Rabbit Productions of Salt Lake City won top honors in the humor category at this year's national Telly Awards.

The commercial showed the DJs dressed in tuxedos standing in front of Symphony Hall and being doused with a fire hose. Their message to viewers was, "This is happening to you if you aren't listening to Z-93."

White Rabbit Productions president is Sam Prigg, and the company has also done recent work for First Security Bank, ESPN and American Journal.

- KBYU (FM-89.1) will present a special Easter broadcast of Haydn's "The Seven Last Words of Christ," performed by the Vermeer Quartet, on Sunday, April 16, 7 p.m.

Brief spoken segments will precede each musical selection, and Elder Dallin H. Oaks, a member of the Council of the Twelve, will be included among the speakers.

- April 15 is the postmark deadline for submitting ballots to KBYU's "Classical Top 40" ranking.

- KUER (FM-90.1) will air National Public Radio's "Jazzset with Branford Marsalis," Saturday, April 15 and 22, 8-9 p.m.

- The station will also broadcast "Beethoven Cycle," with the Muir Quartet, for the next three Fridays on April 21 and 28 and May 5 at 9 a.m.

- KCNR (AM-1320) - "Inside America," a radio talk show hosted by Bill Stevenson, continues its "Presidential Parade" Saturday, April 15, 1-2 p.m., with a 45-minute interview with Rep. Robert Dornan, R-Calif.

During the next few months, the program will interview all Republican and Democratic presidential challengers.

- KTKK (AM-1320) - "The Voice of Utah," a talk show with Randy Moore, airs each weekday at 1 p.m.

- RADIO HAPPENINGS - "Jon and Dan" on KLZX talked about income taxes Wednesday and asked listeners about their tax problems . . . "Fisher, Todd and Fraser" on KISN-FM hyped their station as the official Utah Jazz station more than usual this week and gave away game tickets. They also had impossible trivia this week, but it was amazing how many listeners knew the name of the service station where Gomer Pyle worked . . . .

"Kerry and Bill" on KXRK had a quiz about the Taffy Twins Wednesday. They also had a stint about what it would be like if "X-96" had a sister AM station . . . . "The Wakeup Club" on KVRI was into radio tricks this week and featured the Hoover Vacuum Cat . . . .

Tom Barberi on KALL has regular Olympic bid updates. On Wednesday, he talked about pro athletes and the city income tax they face. . . . Rogue Matthews on KCNR loves controversy. On Wednesday, he said mothers under age 16 shouldn't be allowed to keep their babies and asked listeners to respond. . . . Hank Hathaway on KTKK had Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, as a guest on his Wednesday show . . . .

Wednesday was another "Win a Date" day, and Allison chose Butch after interviews with three men. . . . "Cano and McCormick" on KUTQ had a top 10 list Wednesday on the best reasons for getting out of jury duty. . . . "Gary and Scotty" on KKAT had a tax-write-off tour this week and also interviewed some Utah Jazz players.