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Elvis, 4, was born June 22, 1990. An affectionate and playful little boy, he likes to be cuddled.

He's cautious in new situations and with new people and prefers to stand back and observe until he feels comfortable.Due to neglect and unsuitable living conditions, Elvis and his three siblings were placed in foster care in the fall of 1990. He has been in his current foster home since March 1993 and his foster mother says he's adjusted well.

Elvis was born with drugs in his system, is severely retarded and has some autistic behaviors. He is functioning at a level of between three and 18 months of age. A special preschool program, where he receives physical, occupational and speech therapy, fills much of Elvis' time. He is beginning to say simple, one-syllable words and to understand verbal directions. Elvis can drink from a cup but he isn't yet able to eat solid foods. He does eat mashed baby food and is gaining weight since a feeding tube was inserted. Elvis isn't yet toilet trained but he is walking and is into everything.

An adoptive family with plenty of patience and the ability to appreciate the slow progress Elvis makes is needed. He'd do well in a family with other children whose behavior he could model. He'll need to stay in touch with his brother and sisters. Financial assistance is available.