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KiJana Carter can't keep up with the rumors about teams trying to trade for the No. 1 pick so they can select him in next weekend's NFL draft.

Carter knew that Minnesota and Washington had been trying to obtain the top pick from the expansion Carolina Panthers. But the news that Cleveland, near his Westerville, Ohio home, also was interested came as a surprise."That's a new one to me," Carter said Friday. "That would be a nice place for me to go."

Carter, the Penn State tailback who was the runner-up for the Heisman Trophy last season, is expected to be the first player chosen on April 22.

He said being the first player picked might take some sting out of two disappointments - failing to win the Heisman and Penn State finishing No. 2 behind Nebraska.

"Being the No. 1 pick, you get more money, but the Heisman Trophy is a great award," Carter said. "I'd love to have both."

Team officials from the Vikings, Redskins, Panthers and expansion Jacksonville Jaguars have met with Carter.

"The last three or four weeks have been kind of crazy," he said. "I've got to mix all this in with my schoolwork and it's hard."

Carter, who gave up his final year of eligibility, is taking extra classes so he can graduate in May.

All four teams he visited are in similar situations.

Miami defensive tackle Warren Sapp was projected to be the top pick in the draft several weeks ago, but reports that he failed a drug test have dropped him.