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I have been hearing much talk of the introduction of a BLM/Utah Wilderness Bill into Congress. The specifics have not as yet materialized. Our state and federal representatives are in the process of assessing how various demographic voting populations will react at the polls to the multiple "gross" acreage proposals being floated.

Being a recent transplant from California I would like to think these politicians covet my approval and vote. There are many thousands of like-minded refugees here who have fled the urbanization and overcrowding of the Golden State.I do not consider myself a "tree hugger" or a wild-eyed fanatic. I enjoy fishing and backpacking. I think intelligent management of our resources can leave room for all types of recreation and enterprise. Economic stability does not rise from slash-and-burn capitalistic endeavors. Long-term planning and conservation are required to preserve what we have for future generations to flourish.

It is with little wonder that I see children carry guns and drugs to grade school when I see the callous disregard we adults have for the Earth we propose to leave them. The message we send is all too clear.

Generous allocation of wilderness areas and associated water protection at this point in state history will serve as a cultural beacon to the whole country. Eco-systems should be protected and not just "gross" acreage. Utah Wilderness Association's proposals may not seem fair to some development minded groups. Certainly jobs stand to be lost. But doing the right thing is never easy. Once wilderness is gone it can never be replaced. Leave something untouched for the future.

Terry Brewer

Salt Lake City