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Around the world

CLOSE CALL: Three hundred passengers rushed into lifeboats after a damaged twin-hulled hydrofoil began taking on water Monday en route from the British Channel island of Jersey to France. Three people were reported injured. All but the captain and crew were evacuated to rescue boats after the craft suffered damage to one of its hulls in four-foot seas 40 miles west of the Normandy coast and 200 miles northwest of Paris.

RESIGNATION: Philippines President Fidel Ramos, stung by heavy criticism since a Filipino maid was hanged in Singapore last month, said Monday he has accepted the resignation of Foreign Secretary Roberto Romulo. The move appeared to be aimed at appeasing critics who said Romulo and Labor Secretary Nieves Confesor didn't support the maid's cause.

Across the nation

DEADLY DOSES: Two men were given chemotherapy overdoses that may have hastened their deaths after they sought treatment for skin cancer at a Boston hospital. Michael Arsenault and Donald Everett had been prescribed a daily regimen of the drug cisplatin to treat their advanced melanoma in February 1991. Nurses and a pharmacist misunderstood the doctor's order. They gave three times the recommended dosages of the highly toxic drug to both men, New England Medical Center disclosed last week. Within weeks after the overdose, the men died.

EXPLOSION: Seven children were hurt, two seriously, when a grenade fell out of a boy's pocket and exploded in Bartlett, Tenn. Police said one boy tried to detonate the grenade by throwing it on a blacktop Sunday. When that failed, he tried to stuff it in his pocket. It fell out, hit the ground and exploded, tearing a 3-by-8-inch hole in the blacktop.