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A sprinkler system in place at a condominium complex in Provo did its job Saturday morning after a barbecue unit set fire to a box on one of the balconies.

The fire at 267 E. 500 North at 3 a.m. Saturday forced residents - mostly students - from their beds and into the street in nightclothes, said Provo Fire Marshal Dennis Moss, "But there were no injuries and everybody got out."Ironically, emergency plans had been handed out just the night before to each apartment by LDS ward officials, said Moss. "Several commented that they had read the material and just followed the plan."

The apartment complex suffered approximately $140,000 worth of damage to the balcony, eaves and attic. However, sprinklers in the second- and third-floor apartments adjacent to the balcony contained the fire. Firefighters were on the scene for nearly five hours.

"There's a lot of water damage, but that's a lot easier to deal with than ashes," said Moss. "If the sprinkler system had not been there, we would have lost the building."