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BY THE LIGHT OF THE SILVERY MOON: No one can say this isn't an educational column. We just keep finding out that few situations are exactly or sometimes even close to what we would've thought.

For instance: The "bit" we did about the vampire in Orem a couple of weeks back actually has opened up a whole other world to us - the dark side of reality.It seems the random biting incident involving the girl and guy at the Circle K in Orem was really somebody deeply involved with a movement known as "Gothics."

These folks dress up like vampires, have their teeth sharpened to fangs and hang about during the full moon trying to find willing victims to bite. Surprisingly enough, sometimes they find them, women happy to let somebody sink their teeth into the relationship.

According to our "deep throats" the Gothics dance at a couple of favorite haunts in the Salt Lake area, pride themselves on achieving the proper look and demeanor for a vampire and really cruised on the "Interview With a Vampire" movie.

Talking turkey here: Then it seems the truckload of frozen birds we reported on turned out to be hot turkeys rather than cold chickens.

And the driver trying to hawk his fowl wasn't just confused or lost or in the wrong city with his load - he'd stolen the birds and was trying to pluck the most from the situation before he panicked and flew the coop.

The people who expected the turkeys are looking for him.

And here we thought he was just a nice guy with a problem.

Five pieces of silver: Political gadfly Shirrel R. Young was recently found guilty of disorderly conduct in 4th Circuit Court for standing in front of the old Thistle bridge two years ago to block its demolition.

The bridge eventually went down, and so did Young.

Judge Steven L. Hansen fined him $50. Young, 78, paid the fine, but with a specific stipulation. Along with $45 dollars, Young gave the court clerk five Susan B. Anthony dollars. He told the clerk he wanted one of the silver dollars to go to the judge and one each to the four jurors who convicted him.

What is he trying to say?

Haven't we met: While accepting a man's plea agreement on a drug charge this month, 4th District Judge Lynn W. Davis saw something familiar about the defendant.

It happened to be the same man Davis himself turned in for acting bizarre in the courthouse parking lot some months before. The judge told court security he thought the man was trying to burglarize a car and appeared to be on drugs.

The 19-year-old man was arrested and pleaded guilty last week to a reduced charge of LSD possession, a third-degree felony.

Davis is scheduled to sentence the man next month.

We don't doubt Davis' ability to be fair. But it doesn't seem right for the witness to a crime to be the one who can send even a guilty man up the river. The judge ought to recuse himself on this one.

Kudos: Four high school basketball teams in the Provo School District have taken state championships, the boys and girls teams from Independence High School, Provo High's boys team and Timpview's girls team.

We just want to take a moment to say, way to go people!