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The Utah Board of Business and Economic Development has authorized spending $315,000 to determine if an electronic data base can be developed in Utah that would aid economic development.

Shari Resch, director of the Technology Alliance Program in the Utah Division of Business and Economic Development, said the money will go to Utah State University, Utah Valley State College and Dixie College to study the problems associated with developing the system.She said private industry will put up a like amount and the educational institutions will come up with another $315,000 for the project. The information will be used by business, educational institutions and government agencies.

Joseph A. Jenkins, Utah Department of Community and Economic Development executive director, said the $315,000 approved by the board came in the division's budget in last fiscal year. When a request for proposals was submitted, five colleges and universities responded, but the program was put on hold.

When the program was revived, only the three above institutions responded. Teams from each of these entities will gather information in their respective areas to see if creating a data base is feasible.