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Crossroads will run on a 386 PC with only 4 MB of RAM, but you may have to do some fine-tuning first. If you get an "Insufficient memory," "Out of memory," or "Error43" when loading or running Crossroads, you will need to increase the amount of memory before you can continue. Here are some suggestions:

- Quit all other applications. Any active application, even if it sits idle on the desktop, still uses memory. To make sure you don't have programs running in the background, remove any applications from your StartUp group, then re-start windows.- Don't use complex color wallpaper. These bitmaps, used for the background of windows, can use a lot memory.

- Reduce the number of fonts that you load. But don't remove the Arial typeface - Crossroads needs this font. This not only frees up memory but can also make Windows load more quickly.

- Set up a permanent or temporary swap file. If you don't have a lot of disk space available, try getting rid of unused files and directories first. Set up as large a swap file as Windows allows. A permanent swap file is preferable because it provides faster performance - a temporary swap file uses whatever hard-disk space it can find, whereas a permanent swap file is a dedicated section of your hard drive.

- Use a memory management program. Either run MemMaker (included with DOS since Version 6.0) or a third-party memory-management package like QEMM or 386Max to optimize conventional memory.

-Use fewer colors. If you have a 24-bit video card and don't need the extra colors, try using a 256-color driver instead of a 32K, 64K or 16.7-million color driver.

-Buy more RAM. You can never have too much.