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Lane Jacobs, a junior majoring in communications, has been elected student body president of Weber State University.

Jacobs won the race against David Harris, a business major, garnering 1,043 votes to Harris' 971. Jacobs, who has served as a student senator since June, said he will lobby for a law permitting students to deduct tuition on their state income tax returns. He also plans to promote additional funding for the Stewart Library.Audrey Davidson, a family studies major, was elected executive vice president. She defeated Scot Wahlquist, a technical sales-and-service major.

Michael J. Hatch, a business administration major, won the race for academic vice president, defeating psychology major Melissa Nitschke.

About 2,100 students among the 14,000 enrolled at WSU cast ballots in the election, an increase of about 500 over last year.