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An unassisted triple play, a 10-run comeback and three called third strikes on Cal Ripken highlighted Day 5 of the exhibition season.

Runners-up: a near no-hitter by the Mets, the Chicago Cubs' continued offensive onslaught, Edgar Martinez's five RBIs and Brad Woodall's seven strikeouts in three innings.Through it all, baseball's unsettled labor dispute with the umpires continued to threaten a strife-free opening day.

Randy Velarde of the New York Yankees had the solo triple play in the ninth inning of a 7-2 loss to the Dodgers on Monday. Runners were on first and second and going with the pitch when Mitch Webster hit a slicing liner that Velarde, playing shortstop, snared near second base. He touched the bag and then tagged out Eddie Pye coming down from first.

"You can go 5-for-5 or do whatever down here and it doesn't matter," Velarde said, downplaying the feat accomplished only 10 times in major league history.

The Royals had a 10-run comeback against the Reds, but still almost lost. The game ended with a 10-9 Kansas City victory when Cincinnati's Brian Dorsett flied out to the edge of the warning track with two outs and two runners in scoring position in the ninth.

Ripken, meanwhile, had a few choice words for umpire Jim Paylor after he struck out looking for the second straight at bat. Then, in the sixth inning, Paylor called him out on strikes again.

Paylor is one of the replacement umpires working while the regulars are locked out. The regular umps made a new contract proposal Monday, lowering their demand from a 53 percent raise over four years to 40 percent.

"It is not significantly enough lower to give me encouragement that we can make a deal in the near future," said Robert Kheel, the management lawyer who negotiates on behalf of both leagues.

In the Cubs-Rockies game, a line drive by Rick Wilkins in the first inning hit first-base umpire Terry Bovey in the upper thigh. Bovey ruled it foul before crumpling to the ground, then limped off the field and did not return.

In the Mets-Braves game, Atlanta didn't get a hit until the eighth inning. Starter Bobby Jones worked four hitless innings and Dave Mlicki worked three. The first Braves hit came off Mets relief ace John Franco.

Rey Sanchez went 4-for-4 with a pair of doubles and an RBI and Howard Johnson was 3-for-4 with two RBIs in Chicago's 8-0 victory over Colorado. The Cubs have scored 41 runs and hit .413 in their last three games.

"That's better than the '27 Yankees," manager Jim Riggleman said. "You can't expect us to keep up that pace."

Martinez, Seattle's third baseman, was the day's hitting star, going 3-for-4 with a homer, double, triple and five RBIs against California. He is hitting .539.

Woodall, the starting pitcher for Atlanta, struck out seven in three innings against the Mets. Other starters having good games were David Cone of the Blue Jays (4 IP, 1 hit, 6 Ks), Arthur Rhodes of Baltimore, (4 IP, 1 hit, 5 Ks), Hideo Nomo of the Dodgers (4 IP, 1 hit), Cal Eldred of Milwaukee (4 IP, 1 hit, 3 Ks), Andy Benes of the Padres (4 IP, 1 hit, 2 Ks) and Frank Castillo of the Cubs (3 IP, no hits, 3 Ks).