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Sen. Bob Bennett, R-Utah, met Tuesday with President Hosni Mubarak for talks on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and economic cooperation between Egypt and the United States.

Bennett, who is in Cairo on a private visit, told reporters his meeting with Mubarak went well.Osama el-Baz, head of Mubarak's political office, said the two men discussed economic cooperation in various fields, including tourism and the non-proliferation treaty, or NPT, whose renewal is being debated before the United Nations.

Egypt has said it will not vote for renewing the treaty unless Israel joins the pact, which has strained Egyptian relations with the United States and the Jewish state. Negotiations have been going on to see if Israel will change its stance against signing.

"President Mubarak told him (Sen. Bennett) that Egypt's position on the NPT will be decided by our interpretation of the developments happening in this field," el-Baz said.

Egypt has argued Israel should sign the treaty and begin phasing out its nuclear arsenal now that it's making peace with the Arabs.