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Erik Williams of the Dallas Cowboys will face charges of sexual assault for allegedly raping a 17-year-old nightclub dancer in his home.

Sgt. Jim Chandler said the paperwork was to be mailed to the district attorney late Monday or early Tuesday.Williams, an All-Pro offensive tackle in 1993 before being hurt last season, was arrested at his home early Thursday.

A dancer who said she's known Williams for several months called 911 and asked police to go to the 26-year-old's north Dallas home and ask for her, police said. When they arrived, Williams said she was not there.

As officers returned to their patrol car, they said they heard a sound and saw the girl looking out a window.

Officers returned and arrested Williams and Roderick Carson of Madison, Wis. Carson, 26, was Williams' teammate at Central State of Ohio.

Both men were released Thursday after posting $2,500 bond at separate hearings. Carson also faces a charge of sexual assault.

The woman told police that she and the men "partied" at the house, then one of the men threatened to "blow (her) away" if she didn't perform sexual acts. She said each man then held her down and raped her, Chandler said.