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Thirty Brigham Young University students and a faculty member were honored at a BYU communications department awards symposium.

Students from advertising, broadcasting, communications studies, journalism and public relations sequences received various awards and scholarships.Faculty member JoAnn Valenti was also honored with the Ray and Ida Lee Beckham Faculty Lecture Award.

Students honored were:

Lucrecia Sosa, Virginia Knipp and Brian Barker received the Alma Madsen Scholarship, while Amy W. Swenson and Jennifer Wolf received the Arch L. Madsen Bonneville International Communications Awards.

Four BYU students will intern at LDS Church publications this summer: David Nielson at Ensign Magazine, Jeanette Waite at the New Era Magazine, Jamie Macomber at the Friend Magazine and Tracy Helmer at the International Magazine.

Other internship recipients were Hans Meyer, who received the Daily Herald/Scripps League Award and internship, and Hans Moran, who received a Deseret News internship.

Other journalism students receiving awards and scholarships were Jamie Macomber, the Edwin O. Haroldsen Award; Ed Carter, the Forace Green Award; Cristina Houston, the John Fairbanks Photography Award; Tiffany Zweifel, the Lavieve Huish Earl Scholarship; Jeanette Waite, the Peggy Hughes Award; and Hans Moran, the Scripps/LaVerl Christensen Scholarship.

Patrick Poyfair and Margreta Sundelin both received awards from the Society of Professional Journalists.

Broadcasting students receiving awards were Erika Byram, who received the Dean's Award for Outstanding Communications student; Erik Egan and Amy Swenson, who both were honored with the Earl J. Glade Award, and Russ Belliston, who received the Golden Microphone Award.

Public relations students receiving awards were Jonathon Hamilton, the Dow Chemical Scholarship; Amee Walker, the Rulon Bradley Award; Kelli Davis, the Michael D. Call Award for Service; and Heidi F. Hess, the Nancy Rooker Richards Scholarship.

Other scholarship and award winners were Renee Sonnenberg, the Sloan Scholarship; Ryan Day, the Teitjen Scholarship; and Bruce W. Degn and Susan Bagley, the Wright Endowed Scholarships.